I heart (Ba)carbs


By Molly Freedenberg

You'd think that if I was going to rave about Bacar, it'd be for its swank, open design. Or for the stellar wine selection. Or even for the existence of an on-site sommelier there to answer questions with words like "oaky" and "hint of grapefruit" (and with a straight face). Maybe you'd even expect me to talk about the food, which I didn't try, but my neighbors during a recent visit swore was fab-u-lous.bacar.jpg

But no. I'm going to talk about the bread. Fresh and warm and served with a ramekin of butter that was not only soft enough to spread but also arrived with a stripe of rock salt for flavor and flair. And this basket o' goodness isn't just one variety of bread either, oh no. It's cornbread with a hint of spice and a blissfully subtle sweetness. Some kind of white bread that's soft and dense on the inside, and crusty (but not hard) on the outside. And a brown bread highlighted - but not overpowered - by herbs.

You can get the bread as part of a meal, one you're surely sharing with some well-paid love interest while wearing your best heels or your most recently pressed shirt. But I prefer to get it by itself, accompanied only by a bottle of half-price wine (a Monday special! Woohoo!) and the company of a good gossipy friend. There's nothing like carbs and confidential information to end your workday right...

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