She's a man, baby!


In a hilarious gaffe, local free monthly-ish paper for women The City Edition published a wild-eyed editorial this week accusing the Guardian of promoting prostitution, causing anorexia, keeping women from "tapping into orgasmic potential," and basically steering any girl under the age of 18 into a hellacious vice-hole from which she'll never return. (We caused Paris Hilton? Good for us.) City Edition didn't identify us by name for some reason, but it ran a pic of our cover and called us a " local alternative newspaper publishing out of a warehouse in Portrero Hill."

Read the glorious editorial here (PDF)

So what have we done to deserve such epithets? While it's no secret we're an unalloyed den of iniquity, editorial writer Rosemary Regallo especially took issue with our depictions of half-naked covergirls, in particular our recent Summer Guide model, Marina Bitch:

Marina Bitch: "A sparsely clad, anorexic model who looks like she's aching to get laid"
Photograph by House of Herrera

Thing is, Marina Bitch is a man.

In fact, almost all of our recent covergirls have been drag queens -- naked club star Anna Conda graced our Sex Issue cover with a giant python wrapped around her (something SFist didn't catch ) and Marina and Candi Gurl were peekaboo see-through on our first SCENE magazine. (In retrospect, I'm now limiting myself to one gender illusionist cover model a month. Too much of a good thing, maybe.)

Regallo writes:

"Sexualized and at times racist imagery of young women in so-called alternative newspapers is paving the way for a generation of damaged girls and a proliferating global sex trade. So why does the S.F. Public Library continue to distribute the city's most popular porn, prostitute and adult entertainment guide at all its branches?" [italics mine]

Because of course young women can't be counted on to make their own decisions, the poor little things. Then Regallo goes on to talk about ancient goddess cults and prescribe more images of women as firefighters. I smell Fall Arts Preview cover: Heklina with a hose!

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