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Emergency fund-raiser!


I would first like to thank everyone in the community for the support we
have received over the past 6 years we have existed. We have always
maintained ourselves as a group run by artists and for artists.

The problem that we are facing now is a financial one.

1. S. Slater and Son are trying to collect $4,300 for our percentage of
building maintenance costs for October - December 2006

2. We are unable to make a payment plan with the landlord and must pay
this bill in one lump sum.

3. We are certain that the landlord will give us a similar bill, for the
first half of 2007, at the begining of next month or in September, so we
need to raise an additional $4000.

Art SF has provided a space for local emerging artists for years. We have
never charged artists any commission for any art sold through us. We are
an all volunteer run organization and have dedicated ourselves to our
local art scene. All money raised goes directly to keep our space open to
the public. We have been here for the community, and now we are asking
the community to be here for us. We are in a crisis situation and need
our community support more than ever.

To donate to help save Art SF or for more information, email:


Please help to spread the word.

Below is an announcement about our emergency gallery opening coming up
this Friday:

our last show???????

hey everyone, the community art space, ARTsf, that we run in the mission,
is in danger of going under!!!!!! we are throwing a party to raise money
to keep the space alive, right now there are 8 artists in residence and a
number of community events constantly taking place here. If we lose the
space, it would be horrible!!! please stop by this gallery opening and
show your
support, its going to be good, i promise....

Friday, July 27th
Doors @730 Music@800
110 Capp St @ 16th

sliding scale $7-$7 million

with over 40 artists including:

Alphonso Entrada
Allyson Dutra
Andrew Beals McPherson
Cami Willis
Chamille Estrada
Claire Hummel
Donna Wood
Erin D'silva
Faith Allen
G.T. Singh
Ian Hill
Ian Mullen
Jai Carrillo
Joan Zamora
Joe Ertl
Joe Mama
Joe Twistie
Joseph Heren
Josh and Scott
Judy Berberian
Kara Marie
Marisa Rocke
Nate Orman
Pete Doolittle
Philip Milic
Pierre Pressure
Ralph Granich
Ryan Coffey
Sadie Mellerio
Scott Williams
Sholeh Asagary
Steve Bird
Vi Hoang

Music with:
Tiger Honey Pot
Ferocious Few
Fluff Gurl
Sugar Butt Tiger
People People (featuring members of Two Gallants and Trainwreck Riders)
Baby bear tiger bear (featuring members of All My Pretty Ones)

DJ Mochipet and friends (Daly City Records)
DJ Coma

help keep art in the mission!!!

joe mama