Baby abuse is funny


By Gazelle Emami

Remember stoichiometry? It tells us the relationship between certain reactants and products. Like two parts hydrogen plus one part oxygen equals water. Diet coke plus Mentos equals explosion. And a baby eating a lemon equals hilarious.

Ok, maybe that last one isn’t quite as grounded in scientific fact. But when you bring a kid into the world, it’s your right to treat it as your little science experiment. It sounds mean, but a reaction so amusing can’t be all bad. And apparently, a lot of parents have caught on to the hilariousness of the baby plus lemon equation. Many have taken to posting their findings on YouTube—there are a whole host of videos out there, with even one “Babies Eating Lemons” montage, a sort of “Best of” compilation.

There’s nothing like seeing this reaction sink in. First the child’s face slightly contorts, then it scrunches up in disgust, and caps it all off with a vicious shudder. And what really takes it over the edge is how irresistible the baby finds the lemon, despite the fact that he looks unhappy the entire time—with most every child, he takes his first taste, puts it down, and almost instantly picks it up again. It’s nice to have reactions you can always depend on. Try this at home on the little one!

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