Castro: Muerto?


By Stephen Torres

UPDATE: 8/27 -- Castro still not officially dead. Sorry, Perez!

The poison pen of notorious blogger Perez Hilton has apparently sealed the end of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. According to the celebrity mudslinger's eponymous website,, the infamous leader is dead.

Rumors of his death have been circulating for awhile now, but due to Hilton’s reputation for leaking celebrity gossip before anyone else, including veterans of the gossip biz, the interest of the media and Cuban Americans alike has been piqued. Apparently, Miami is afire with the news.

Hilton is of Cuban descent and stands by his source, claiming it is only a matter of time before the Cuban government concedes the truth.

We want to know: What does it mean for the state of our world when news outlets get their tips from PhotoShop-happy celebrity bloggers?

Oh yeah, and we guess Castro (alleged?) death is important too.


The crazy part is that this “news” comes by way of Hilton instead of the AP and that people take this Hedda Hopper of the Internet as a serious source. The fact that I write about this as bog posting only continues this dubious gossip mill.

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