Independent Spirits (glug)


By Jonathan Beckhardt

As you know, you're supposed to feel guilty whenever you take part in an activity. Everything from wasting your mind with TV to wasting the planet with hot-tubbing. And yes, this of course includes drinking. (Just think about the emissions produced from Budweiser clydesdale manure alone!) It's not just the contributions to global warming that should make you feel guilty as you relax with a drink. You're probably also supporting a corporate culture that has pushed the little guy out, and is keeping him from coming back in. How much Makers Mark is produced a year? Let's put it this way, if you were to stretch the yachts of corporate tycoons from end to end, Makers Mark produces enough whisky to feed their upkeep staff for a year!


Now how can the small guy compete with that? It's difficult but some people are trying to help. If you haven't yet made your plans for Saturday night, consider checking out the Independent Spirits Fest, sponsored by Celtic Malts ("A Celtic spiritual journey"). The night features over 30 micro-distilleries and independent bottlers.. There are bound to be many you haven't come across, and they're all hand-crafted and cared for, just like the big guys used to do. On top of that, there will be chocolates, cheeses, and a dinner buffet. That's some kind of nifty independence.

Independent Spirits Fest
Saturday, Oct. 13
Doors open at 6:30pm
Call for price
W Hotel

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