Holla at Molla


By Amber Peckham

It’s quickly approaching the most consumerist time of the year, and in my experience, even the most anti-establishment of people finds themselves responsible for at least churning out a macramé plant holder for Grandma or handwoven hemp scarf dyed with natural plant fibers for the office gift exchange. It feels good to give, and the spirit is infectious as we approach December. If you’re looking for quirky, fun gifts to appease even the most individualistic of your mob of friends and family, Molla Space might be a good place to start.

Tear Shape Clock by Yamato Japan

Molla Space is a company dedicated to acting as a gateway between designers abroad and consumers in America. With products hailing mostly from Japan, the fare is often both funky and functional—which of course, usually means pricey as well. The website asks an exorbitant amount for most of the larger products, not including shipping all the way from the Land of the Rising Prices. So, if you see something expensive you just can’t live without, it may be cheaper for you to go the local route: through the company’s Monrovia wholesale office, by calling and asking them to mail you a catalogue and order form. The office also has a product showroom visitable by appointment only—if you want to drive all the way to LA. The prices are a little less steep this way—for example, the Kamui Magazine rack selling for $38 on the website is only $18.50 when ordered wholesale. The only catch—wholesale orders under $200 are subject to a $20 handling charge, so just ordering one small thing, like an elephant bottle opener, might not save you much in the long run. Still, the products are worth drooling over at the very least, and who knows, maybe the big man in red will take care of providing all that green.

Elephant/Penguin Bottle Opener by Primal Designs

MollaSpace INC.
1931 S. Myrtle Ave
Monrovia, CA
(626) 301-9900
Contact: Mon-Fri, 10 a.m.- 4p.m.

Kamui Magazine Rack by Ideaco Design

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