Hummus for the Holidays


Tired of turkey? Had it with ham? Chucking the…yeah, well, you get the idea.

By Amber Peckham

If the holiday fare for the last few years has become as boring as your relatives, you might want to sign up for the free – yes, free - vegan cooking class being offered by Wellness Central on November 18. The class will be held in the Loughborough Center and will last around 90 minutes. Vegan nutritionist Patricia Allen Koot will present, and nationally syndicated host of Go Vegan Radio, Bob Lynden, also will make an appearance.

Without the Wellness Central class, this is what your meat-free meal will look like.

“We wanted to make people aware of the nutrition options they have, especially around this time of year, when people tend to get sick.” said David Koot, Wellness Central’s executive director. The Petaluma-based non-profit offers not only workshops and classes on a wide range of topics, but also health and lifestyle mentoring for individuals. This cooking class is the first of many events they hope to hold in San Francisco.

The class will consist of a presentation about getting all your essential fats and proteins without eating meat, followed by hands-on food preparation, free recipes, and, of course, samples of completed dishes that will make your taste buds sing Alleluia. Or Maoz Tur. Ujima. The Monday Night Football theme. Whatever floats your little wintertime boat.

Vegan Holiday Cooking Class presented by Wellness Central
November 18, 2007
2:00 p.m, free (though pre-registration is encouraged)
Loughborough Center
1844 Broderick, SF
(707) 774-1904

Can’t make it to the class? Try these vegan recipes to liven up your holiday table:

“Chicken” and dumplings

Sweet Potato Pie

Vegan tofu nog

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