More video art: Malkoff and Mix-a-lot


In honor of our cover story about video art, I've decided to share my favorite videos of the week. Are they worthy of a SFMOMA installation? Probably not. But are they art? I say yes. Here's why:

Mark Lives in IKEA

So comedian/filmmaker Mark Malkoff (famous for going to every Starbucks in Manhattan in one day) decides to move into an IKEA while his apartment gets fumigated. And they let him.

The genius of this? First, that he thought of the idea at all. Second, that he actually convinced IKEA to let him do it. And most importantly, the amount of work and planning it must've taken to compose and edit these "reality" segments (including getting IKEA staff and even his wife involved), which are actually quite funny and endearing. If Mark weren't in New York, already married, and likely to put the whole thing on YouTube, I'd totally hit that - for his brilliance alone (and cuz I like the geeky glasses thing).

First Dance

Some couple somewhere decide to forego the usual sappy first dance at their wedding for a hilarious choreographed routine to Sir Mix-a-lot.

I realize I may be late to get on this bandwagon, considering Ellen DeGeneres already had this couple on her show in December. But I don't care. I discovered this video a few days ago and I'm in love with it. Need I even explain the art of this? The choreography. The enthusiasm. The sheer joy they both seem to get out of not only doing the dance, but out of surprising their guests. (Honestly, this wouldn't be nearly as good if it looked like one of them was dragging the other along.) And the fact that somehow, the act of doing this seems to prove that these two are good for each other. I'm TOTALLY doing choreography at my wedding.

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