Street art pics: Osama-Obama milk cartons glimpsed


osama obama milk cart sm.jpg
Sketchy: Osama street art modified. Photo by Kimberly Chun.

By Kimberly Chun

Recession schmecession - it's good to see SF's scrumbly crumbly anti-tradition of street art carrying on despite the big-wheel art-market smash-ups. Welcome to the first in a series of snaps. And thanks to Fecal Face honcho and former Guardian contributor/columnist John Trippe for the reminder of this unsung genius' work. I saw the altered example above not long before last year's November election (check the Animosity poster) and got way irked. Trippe spied the proper article, below, and posted it on the other day ...

fecal face 3629778839_7711db92e6.jpg
Got milk: the real dealie? Courtesy of Fecal Face.