Shop talk: The Good Shop makes it all better


goodshop2 sml.jpg
Goodies at the Good Shop. All photos by Kimberly Chun.

By Kimberly Chun

I got a new Good Shop on my mind - and fortunately it’s right around the corner from Chez Chun.

Ideal for those moments when a gal needs a little low-priced, high-thrift-style pick-me-up, the Good Shop got off the ground less than two months ago, with a bash showcasing Hawnay Troof, and I gotta say it’s a welcome addition to the hood. It’s a bit off the old beaten from the exploding 24th Street corridor (yes, all we need is that creme brulee-taco-latte-bacon dog stand to make the bonanza of trendy eats complete).


The vivid, fantasmic monster paintings of Brandon Wisecarver hung on the walls when I dropped in, and the small store’s racks were filled with plenty of choice thrifted offerings: super-snazzy new wave heels and Devo footwear, burly ‘80s sweaters, modest plaid blouses, and flower-sprigged frocks. The Good Shop denizens obviously have an eye for cool - also on display via their online store. Browsing through the racks I stumbled over a Francophile score: an art deco geo-mio ‘70s poly top - awesome enough to make me forget my disavowal of artificial fibers.

Owner Ria Leigh Rabut was busy making a pattern for a cute, floral-blocked customized stretch skirt, and she told me she happily takes special orders and make alterations. Sounds like she’s got the right fit for the revolution - and I’ve found a promising alternative to Painted Bird that’s very close and extremely friendly.

2590 Folsom at 22nd Street, SF
(415) 285-GOOD