50% sale today at Goodwill: This is not a drill


Text and photos by Caitlin Donohue

goodwill 1209.JPG
Well knock me over with a feather...

Although my disdain for (and fear of) some San Francisco thrift stores has been duly noted, I have to admit that sometimes they make me feel all warm inside. Case in point, today- every Goodwill in the city will be selling all their clothing and shoes for… holy moley, half price!(!!)

Now, granted this is no “all clothing and shoes for $2” sale (lemme tell you, November was a good month for me), but 50% is nothing to shake a stick at. I’ve taken the liberty of assembling a few gems you could pick up today- if you get off your ass right now and start throwing ‘bows people! I’m serious, store opens at 9 a.m.- you don’t want to be the last one rifling through the holiday sweater pile. The choice items shown below are from the Fillmore and Sutter store, easily the best outlet in the city. I have two theories about this: (a) its where the ladies who lunch from Pac Heights drop their impulse shopping designer threads and (b) there is a donation center attached to the store and all the intrepid employees (they are lovely here) squirrel away the best items for the benefit of their committed customers. I go in once a week, so I count as one of these.

But that’s neither here nor there. Without further ado (besides the jump), inspiration to hit the 50% sale! Sales tax free as always! Let's see that hustle, people!