Mall-free Santa hang time: A miracle on 21st st.


By Caitlin Donohue

Noe Valley is a lot of things to a lot of people- a good place to stash children, very hilly, ridiculously wealthy- but did you know it’s also the best place to catch the Big Red Guy kicking up his shiny black boots in San Francisco?

Tom Taylor and Jerome Goldstein bought their Norfolk Island pine back in 1973, at which point it could fit inside their house neatly. Now 55 feet tall, the yuletide behemoth has become the focal point of the most gosh darn spectacular home holiday display you’re ever going to see in this city, funded entirely out of the couples’ pocket. Their multi story house is buried under tiers of stuffed animals and bright, shiny Christmas. Massive ornaments, lights and bows, stuffed animals and extravagant K’nex machinery click away from all vantages. It’s nuts. It’s wonderful. We happened upon the site randomly last night and there was quite a crowd amassed of neighborhood families and random passers- by.

xmas house 1 1209.jpg
Tom and Jerry's Christmas tree warms hearts, non commercially. Photo by Erik Anderson