Game Theory: USF Women’s Basketball vs. Tennessee 12/21/09


By Caitlin Donohue

Sports give me that same special something that I love about all cultural events- even if you don’t know what the hell is going on, they’re great to project onto. The thrill of victory, the crush of defeat, these are clichés for a reason. You can dig an athlete’s face when they get that big win or fall down on their ass- whether you hit the courts on the regular or get more exercise on your daily commute (/flight from the cops/stripper pole).

So the Guardian’s getting physical, San Francisco. Here’s the first installation of our new local sport series, “Game Theory.” Feel free to holler at us if you’ve got a big game coming up.

usf 1 1209.jpg
Lady Don Brittany Brumfield gets low on D against Tennessee. Photo by Erik Anderson

When we walked into the University of San Francisco War Memorial basketball court, the Lady Dons were down by twenty points. In the first quarter. Which would be a huge bummer if you didn’t take into account the following background informations: