Getting cheesy at Outerlands


outerlands sm 122709.jpg
Bowled over. Photo by Kimberly Chun.

By Kimberly Chun

Hmm, is there a nicer place to hunker down on a chilly, wind-swept winter day in the Outer Sunset than Outerlands? Even better is a spot at one of the weathered wood tables, over a grilled cheese sandwich made with the restaurant’s homemade levain toast and an ample bowl of hearty garlic soup -- the latter is pungent and addictive, with a bite that won’t kill you. Love the chip garnish. A delightful side: ginger lemon apple cider, hot, fulfilling, and thoroughly comforting. I’d make Outerlands my own personal warming hut, if I could.

4001 Judah Street
San francisco, California 94112
(415) 661-6140