Game Theory: Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings, 1/8/10


Caitlin Donohue isn't a sports writer. But she sure likes to win. Check out the last installment of "Game Theory" here. Oh, and give us a shout if you've got a big game coming up in the Bay.

Hoot, holler and chug that 22 ounces of Coors Light- Anthony Morrow's deal-sealing three pointer just sank for the Golden State Warriors. Photo by Erik Anderson

Last night I stepped into the vertigo-inducing bowl of Oracle Arena and got the immediate urge to fall in with rest of the belligerent Golden State Warriors fans. This team just makes you want to get crazy. Down in the seats to my right, a pack of teenage girls in high school volleyball sweatshirts screamed obscenities over the aisle at a gang of over-matched, thirty-something Sacramento Kings fans. The next section over eight women in sparkly pink tiaras danced proudly to AC/DC’s “T.N.T.”, their gyrations fantastically recounted in the Jumbo-tron overhead. In the middle of it all, large men with dismal season records dunked the ball and juked the defense and strutted about.

One is tempted to give credit for this happy mayhem to the 22 ounce beers. They are one of the most awesome parts of Warriors games at the Oracle Arena. Snack bar workers keep tall cans of every light beer on the planet behind the counters and when you order one ($9-12), they pour them into mega plastic cups for your convenience. Why can’t we just have the cans? Yet another great American mystery.