On street artists that are too cool for us: Blu's "Combo"


By Caitlin Donohue

Man oh man, Pixel Vision fans, do I wish I could embed "Combo," the time lapse graffiti video from Italian mural artist Blu.

(*right here)

But I asked him, and he's not really into his deal being featured on "commercial websites," which I guess we still qualify as, shoots! Apparently, he's more into things like throwing up ridiculous art pieces- all over the world, and that peeps can see for free, whenever, out in their neighborhood- than self-promoting. So I'm gonna go ahead and respect that and hope that the photo below is enough to convince you to click on the link in the caption to see his video work, which will make your day if not week if you're into things like the walls of Buenos Aires being turned into a big, moving, street art orgasm.

blu 1 0110.jpg
Badass, right? Now imagine it moving around and climbing up the walls of the courtyard. Better yet, just click here for "Combo"

Come to SF, Blu Blu? Tanks. We like you.