When selling local grub is outlawed, only outlaws will sell local grub


By Caitlin Donohue

One can only wonder how long an idea this good is going to remain underground. Or on good terms with the health department, who actually stopped by during the last Underground Farmer’s Market to inspect the homegrown goodness going down, leaving amiably with some chiding words of how they could make it a little more “legal” next time.

underground farmers market 1 0110.jpg
Poster design by Philip Clark

But that’s kind of the point of the UFM- that the produce and other foodie goods on offer are outlawed. That’s because they’re made in home kitchens by folks that can’t afford the fees involved in renting out a commercially-certified space to cook, but still want to offer up their wild mushrooms, sarsaparilla and sauerkraut to the neighbors. The party/market squashes vendors, bands and informational workshops on topics from soap making to the husbandry of urban chickens all into a little house on Capp. It’s a concept that’s really resonating as the locavore movement runs afoul of the budget concerns of even the most well-intentioned eaters.

Last month the first underground market was a smash hit, neatly selling out of all food concerned until desperate late comers were filing back orders with their favorite “criminal” food seller. Check out the market’s appropriately underground url below for a list of the eatables that will be on offer. And get there early this Thursday. Or bank on the fact that the five-oh don’t read the New York Times.

This week’s event will feature the “outsider folk” tunes of Beatbeat Whisper, over 25 food entrepreneurs and even a wild boar to eat on. A concept so good it’s criminal! Oh, wait…

Underground Farmers’ Market
Thurs/28 5 – 11 p.m., free
199 Capp, SF