Jane Fonda introduces flower man Anthony Ward


Jane Fonda introduces flower man and former Bay Area resident Anthony Ward to the entire world.

I got a call today from flower man extraordinaire Anthony Ward. I know Ward from the days when we were both living and working in Santa Cruz, California. Ward had a store there called Passionflora. And I got to know him as the guy who stopped traffic when he carried his humungously beautiful floral sculptures through the famously weird streets of the Cruz.

He was the guy who brought joy to people by handing them a rose for no other reason than he felt like it, the guy who taught folks that having a "green thumb" is about being there for a plant: noticing how it is doing, remembering to water it, and paying attention to why it might not be happy in that tiny pot or that cold spot by the window. And, along the way, he helped me change my entire relationship with flowers, plants and gardens. For that I will be eternally grateful

Meet Flower man Anthony Ward.
Photo by Lucas Samaras

Since then, Ward has taken his "being with flowers" sensibility to New York and around the world, including Japan.

The video I've posted above is a clip from a Japanese TV show that shows Fonda passionately introducing Ward, and then, if you stay with it, you'll see Ward doing one of his famous flower performances.

So far, the clip only has Japanese subtitles, so you can have fun a) imagining what they say, b) finding someone to translate and c) considering changing your entire relationship to flowers and plants. Believe me, you'll be glad you did.

Ward's tall, but his flower sculptures generally tower so high that they even make him look like he's a small kid in a very big forest.
Photo by Robert Barbutti.