Silver screen swoons: V-Day at the movies

This weekend's flicks have inspired more creative couplings than "Debbie Does Dallas"

A dark movie house is a great thing. Single? Slink in and bury yourself in the tumultuous happenings of others’ lives. Hot and heavy with a special someone? Gangbusters- find a nice secluded spot in the back row and try not to gross out the single people. Whatever your mood/Facebook relationship status is this Valentine’s Day weekend, the city’s movie theaters have a love-related flick for you and (if that’s where you’re at these days) yours. Grab some buttered popcorn and take a peep.

“A Valentine’s Day Weekend Tribute to John Hughes”

‘80s babies, I need go no further. The 16 Candles/The Breakfast Club/Pretty in Pink triple feature on Saturday provides ample time to get busy… or have a good cry. Again, whatever you’re into. Hughes is going to put your love of love back into you, at any rate.

Fri/12 7:30 pm. (through Sat/13), $10/day

Castro Theatre

429 Castro, SF

(415) 621-6120


Rocky Horror Picture Show

A formative force in many an adolescent’s budding sex lives, this week’s Rocky will feature a lingerie show that teenagers cannot participate in and the standard singing, vamping and pratfalling that they can, and will. Find your love in fishnets and golden hot pants?

Sat/13 12 a.m., $10

Grand Theatre

3200 Grand, Oakland

(510) 452-3556


Annie Hall

Look… if Woody Allen can swing Diane Keaton, even temporarily, there’s hope for everyone. This movie approaches Closer on my list of top don’t-watch-with-your-boo-things-will-get-weird flicks, but by all means view in the midst of breakup- see, someday you’ll be able to chat intellectually over coffee too!

Fri/12-Sun/14 7:15 p.m., 9:20 p.m. (also 2 p.m., 4 p.m. on Sat and Sun), $7-9

Red Vic Movie House

1727 Haight, SF

(415) 668-3994


Beach Blanket Bingo

Annette loves Frankie! Bonnie loves Steve! Erik Von Zipper loves Sugar Kane! Wait, South Dakota Slim loves Sugar Kane? Plus they’re all sky diving? With 1960s technology? Oh my, but love can be complicated. The showing is brought to us by portable retro movie cabaret Thrillville and features old skool cartoons, previews, ukulele variety artist Kitten on the Keys, and a performance by Donna Loren, member of BBB’s original cast and sweetheart songstress of that most tumultuous decade.

 Sun/14 7:30 p.m., $10

Balboa Theater

3630 Balboa, SF

(415) 221-8184