Budget looks: Buy it, bejewel it, fix it, wear it, do it


By Chhavi Nanda

The dismal economy may be prompting us to keep our wallets shut, but it can't curb our fashion obsession. Widespread job losses, declines in personal income, declines in real GDP -- we're still managing to look fabulous and sharp. The only difference now? We're on a budget. Here are three ways to spruce up your look without breaking that cute little piggy bank. (Hint: find a way to wear it.)

Task #1: We have to get an outfit together for less than $20, all items collected from a thrift store. I headed to Thrift Town (2101 Mission, SF. 415-861-1132, www.thrifttown.com), in the Mission.
Dress: $5.99
Shoes: $3.00
Vest: $3.99
Belt: $1.50
Grand Total: $14.48


Task #2:   I was approached with the issue,  " I have so many accessories, but nothing to wear them with. I only have $5.00. Help!" My response was, " Of course." Again, we headed to Thrift Town, picked out a dress that was perfect for the client's body type, personal style, and wallet.
Dress: $2.99
add your own accessories


Task #3:  You may have found that almost-perfect dress with a great print and fit, but there's just something off about it. It's easy to nonprofessionally alter a dress to achieve the fit and shape you desire. Once again at Thrift Town, I found this dress, but there was something awkward about the shape of it. All we did was tie it around the client's body, as if it were a wrap dress, and voila! The makeover is complete, for a recession friendly bargain of $5.99.
Dress: $5.99
Get creative!


So much better!