Boogie Bird will save us all


Health care bickering amongst our elected leaders, new wars on the horizon, the rising prominence of American Apparel -- it’s no secret, San Fran: we need a hero. Enter Boogie Bird, a “curious creature” brought to us by spray paint artist Chor Boogie, who is displaying his tiny winged friends as part of his first post-stabbing gallery show.

The pocket sized birds are a much more simplistic design compared with Chor's standard graffiti-inspired works, which are typically riotous parties of cobble stone shapes and half seen human forms. Boogie paints them with unusual spray paint techniques -- one involves using low pressure to create more defined patterns. Murals form the core of his work, which includes "The Perception of Color Theory," an all-seeing hurricane of form on Market Street. Chor completed the piece after he was physically assaulted mid-paint at the Tenderloin site- and after he subsequently picked up a kindly paraplegic as a guardian angel, from the looks of the vid below.

The Boogie Birds have picked a roost at Air Castle gallery, an intimate showroom/artist’s studio in the crease between lower Pac Heights and Fillmore. Check 'em out, but be quick- I hear they're fast little fellers.

"Boogie Birds": The Art of Chor Boogie

through Feb. 28 noon – 8 p.m., Thurs-Sun

Air Castle

1706 Steiner, SF

(415) 328-2160

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