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By Peter Galvin

From the studio that produced the terrifically-offensive animated sequences from MTV’s Wonder Showzen, Superjail! is an 11-minute cartoon series about a prison located inside a volcano, which is itself located inside a larger volcano.

In typical Adult Swim fashion, this acid trip of an animated series is mostly non-sequiturs and abrupt tonal shifts, but Superjail! easily skates by on its ruthless depictions of violence and throwback animation style. Like a skillful rendition of “Free Bird,” each episode starts out slow and builds to a manic crescendo of all-out slaughter. With the promise of a second season, this first season set is being released with little in the way of extras or special features, but the real gift is just having all the insanity on one disc. As an exercise in wringing comedy from excess, you could say Superjail! is like all Adult Swim shows: it really shouldn’t work, but it does.

Superjail!: Season One comes out on DVD Tues/23.