Breakfast with a hot Guerrilla

Wrap it up, I'll take it

By Robyn Johnson

My social media tuning fork started vibrating with reports of a new street food vendor making ground in Oakland. My unmitigated Oaktown pride compelled me to investigate.

Guerrilla Grub has indeed set up shop at the prime commuter hub of the MacArthur BART stop, serving breakfast burritos out of a pushcart adorned with its evocative fist-gripping-a-fork logo for early morning riders. Besides the hot dog guy, I have never seen a street food vendor at MacArthur. In fact, outside of Fruitvale taco trucks and the odd ambitious cupcakers at Art Murmur, I haven’t seen a street food vendor anywhere in the East Bay. Could a true revolution be at hand?

Guerrilla Grub is not a bad start by any means.

Although there’s nothing that you wouldn’t find outside of a “traditional” breakfast burrito -- flour tortilla, scrambled eggs, potatoes, sautéed onions, salsa, cheddar cheese, and a chorizo option -- it’s put together with a competency that makes one darn savory (yet not overwhelmingly heavy) morning meal.

I went with the chorizo version to maximize my pleasure. At three bucks, it was well worth it. The chorizo did not perspire grease, as it is apt to do, and the red potato pieces added a nice, solid texture. The spiciness was enough to keep it exciting but not too overloaded for the typical norteno palate… my lips were tingly and my nose was running, but I loved every minute of it. Upon first try, it wins for flavor, non-sogginess, balance of flavors, and for perfect portion size. I usually feel like I’ve OD’d on carbs after a burrito, but Guerrilla Grub’s fare is the right size to energize commuters just beginning their day.

All in all, the revolution gets my fist pump of approval. Hopefully, Oakland will see more carts in the future.

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