Hungry hippos get their munch on with new delivery service


It’s 3 a.m. and you’ve been up all night at the best sleepover imaginable— but unfortunately you’re not seven and your mom didn’t stock the fridge with juice packs and frozen treats in case you got hungry…or stoned. Capri Sun, curly fries and wings; the folks at Munchy Munchy Hippos have your back and your kid-inspired snack pack all set for late night emergencies. 

The best part about the menu? Its three categories: I’m Hungry, I’m Thirsty and I’m Broke. For the parched, Hippo’s got a sweet line-up of fructose-happy drinks that used to consistently show up in my middle school lunch box, like strawberry-kiwi Capri Sun and grape Kool-Aid pouches. Don’t you just love jammin’ those little straws in the bag of faux-fruit juice? 



Rumbling tums will appreciate the list of fatty-delish foods, including, but not limited to burgers, baby back ribs, popcorn chicken, “We Sell Seashells” cheese-stuffed pasta, and the “Ghetto Dog”, a bacon-wrapped fat-ass wiener. 


And for those with only a few jingling coins to spare, the “I’m Broke” menu keeps costs to a max of two bones! Talk about a new contender for Joe's "Two-Buck-Chuck." Hashbrown? One dollar. Grilled cheese and ham? Two. Juices galore? Only seventy-five cents.


The delivery region is stuck in the North Bay and currently confined to Berkeley, Emeryville and Albany, with delivery charges (a.k.a. gas money) from $1.50-$3.00, depending on location. 


Not only is Hippo recession friendly, but this late-night delivery offers some fun flash-backs to your childhood eating habits, maybe ones that shouldn't become adult habits, and still, an occasional solution for sobering up mid-morning. So cash in your marbles, kids and the first one to gobble up the most jalapeno poppers wins! Or maybe that’s just the game I’d have to play…


Check the complete Munchy Munchy Hippos menu at

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