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So what if the Fader posted this last week? Vallejo royalty E-40's new Bjork-sampling track, the Droop-E produced, "Spend the Night" is too fabulous not to share (and it looks like the NY Times likes it too). The icing on the cake is that Bjork cleared the samples, taken from "Oceanea" off of her, IMHO severely underrated, acapella album Medulla. And as Fader commenter bollocks noted, this isn't the first time Queen B has appeared on a local hip-hop track. The timpani-heavy riff from "Human Behavior" was used back in 2003, "by Bay Area legends Hieroglyphics, for 'Let It Roll,' off their classic album Full Circle." Thanks for the knowledge.

I bet I can guess what you're doing on your coffee break. Wheee!

Slog nicely sums up the cases of Gregory Lee Giusti, who was arrested yesterday for allegedly threatening House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her support of the health care reform bill (he threatened us too), and Charles Alan Wilson, who allegedly threatened to kill Washington Senator Patty Murray over her support of the health care reform bill, best: "Powerful Women, and the Men Who Threaten Them."

 "Let's just say that if Malcolm breathes, it's too much for me to stomach." Johnny Rotten on the Sex Pistols' former manager Malcom McLaren. RIP, Madame Butterfly Buffalo Gal Duck Rock. (Watch all three simultaneously for our version of heaven?)

Researchers at UCSF School of Pharmacy want you to know that the bacteria in that tainted burger patty could become the next Monet.

Tonight, SFMOMA presents "Streets of San Francisco: Filmic Journeys," a program of over 50 years of footage of SF's streets as filmed by the many wonderful experimental filmmakers – including Martha Rosler, Hollis Frampton, Lawrence Jordan, and more – who have called this city home and muse. 50 footage!

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