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The lovely Kalup Linzy

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For the love of God, iPad, or printed matter, please read former Guardian culture editor, and current lead editor of science and sci-fi wonderblog io9, Annalee Newitz's eye-opening summary of the 5 ways the Google Book settlement will change the future of reading (one plus: "pulp science fiction will make a comeback in ways you might not expect").

 "It hurt the way your tongue hurts after you accidentally staple it to the wall." 

Early master of photography actually insane cuckold killer: "This commission took [Edweard Muybridge] out of San Francisco at a convenient moment: He'd recently murdered his young wife's lover, but squeaked by with an acquittal in court -- one part of his defense had been that only someone already unbalanced would take the risks that Muybridge did in Yosemite, just to get a picture."

Meanwhile, still-living photo-snapper The Tens got a peek inside the bowels of (h/t Mission Mission)

The Awl preaches bros before trolls: "Instead of shaking your Internetty fist at all that angers you though, what if you ignored it and discussed things that do work, things that are wonderful, and encouraged others to do the same?"


These gorgeous creatures – children of video artist and endless font of inspiration Kalup Linzy — are hitting Berkeley Art Museum tonight with support from DJ Bus Station John, starting at 6pm. Get it!



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