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“We offer a kind of grittiness you can’t find much anymore,” said Randy Shaw, a longtime San Francisco housing advocate and a driving force behind the idea of Tenderloin tourism. “And what is grittier than the Tenderloin?”

Now that San Francisco is going to court the tourist dollars of baby boomers descending upon the TL in search of reawakening the pleasure centers of their youth – the music! the drugs! the picturesque squalor! – perhaps City Hall should also consider starting up tourism franchises in other "gritty" parts of the city? 

(But gawking humorously at the poor, addicted, and metally challenged makes for such a sensational blog post! --Ed.)

Also: Drubbing! This headline is the second Google hit that comes up for the search: "slumming San Francisco." Take that, spendy New York Times (which seems to have a long history of reporting on slumming in other cities).

There are too many golden nuggets to choose from in Roger Ebert's account of working on the Russ Meyer-directed Sex Pistols film that never was, but this exchange is one of them:
Meyer opened up by informing Johnny Rotten that with his stovepipe arms he wouldn't have survived one day in the army.

"What do I want with the fucking army?" Rotten said.

 "You listen to me, you little shit. We won the Battle of Britain for you!"

I reflected that America had not been involved in the Battle of Britain, and that John Lydon (his real name) was Irish, and therefore from a non-participant nation. I kept these details to myself.

The anxiety of influence: The debate going on in the comments on this Fecal Face interview with local artist Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch is heated. Holyoke-Hirsch doesn't seem to lack faith in his abilities (he is quoted as referring to himself as, "the hardest working illustrator and artist based in San Francisco, California"), although irony is sometimes lost in transcription. Hubris aside, there is still the question of whether or not his art, as some comments posit, swagger-jacks Chris Johansson and Barry McGee. But kids, it's OK. Put down those rocks! Didn't you know street art has already jumped the balaclava'd shark?


We love our cat
for her self
regard is assiduous
and bland

Congrats to personal fave Rae Armantrout for winning this year's Pulitzer Prize in poetry. Cat people, this may be finally be your salve for the incredibly raw wounds from our canine-centric Pets issue.

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