Dogfest 2010 raises its leg on school budget cuts

Just one of the adorable scenes that awaits you at Dogfest 2010

Gosh, you think. Charles Barkley just looks so dapper in his doggie vest/pocket watch/monocle ensemble. I wish more people could share in the joy his beauty brings me!

First of all, thanks for considering the rest of us. Secondly, Mr. Barkley’s time to shine has come. Just bring him down to Duboce Park this Sat/17 for Dogfest 2010, McKinley elementary school’s fundraiser excellent. The Fest offers a chance to, once and for all, determine that his bark is better, his coat is shinier, and y’all are two more identical peas in a pod than that Boston terrier and her owner down the street, those bitches.

“Last year’s event raised $25,000 -- more than our school had ever raised in a single year, much less fundraising event,” says Dogfest organizer and McKinley parent, Katy Wilcoxen. In this era of deep cuts to our kiddie’s educations, Wilcoxen says that McKinley found it “couldn't tap our own families to make up the funding gap.”

Enter Dogfest, which, unlike traditional school fundraising events, involves even members of the neighborhood who are childless -- or if you will, those that don‘t have any two legged children. “The success of this was that we put it in Duboce Park to touch the Duboce Triangle/Castro community,” Wilcoxen tells SFBG. The area, which is one of the most dog frequented in the city, has responded with bright eyes and wagging tails.

So what can you expect from this year’s Dogfest? Last year brought over 100 canines to such contests as Best Trick, Best Dog-Guardian Look Alike and Best Bark -- a category that Wilcoxen says has been dominated by a mixed breed named Grover for the past two years.

Sounds like a challenge to me, crazy dog people! But, if you’re furry friend free, bring your human children down for bouncy castles, face painting, and craft tables. No child? You poor darling! Sit in on a performance by the Busy Bee Dogs (the cast of which includes lots of puppies and a 225 pound pony named Benji), grub on the food vendors, bid in the silent auction, and hang on the sweeping Duboce Park lawn.

See? It's good for you and Mr. Barkley to take a break from your standard Doobie Dolores Saturdays. Especially with the holiday coming. Woof!


Sat/17 11 a.m.- 4 p.m., free

Duboce Park

Noe & Duboce, SF

(415) 710-7387