The Daily Blurgh: It lies beneath

Is that a phantom in your basement? Or are you just leaking.

Curiosities, quirks, oddites, and items from around the Bay and beyond

What has risen may sink, and what has sunk may rise: "Years ago, when San Francisco was called Yerba Buena, a lake covered parts of the Mission. Washerwoman's Lagoon flowed through the Marina. The Sans Souci Creek traced a path now known to bicyclists as The Wiggle.

Hayes River flowed beneath City Hall, delaying an election in the 1980s by flooding the Registrar's Office. Arroyo de los Dolores ran down to 18th Street past Dolores Park. Mission Creek flowed to the bay, and is now only visible in brief glimpses such as a pool in the basement of the Armory." Matt Baume guides us through SF's buried creeks in part two of his three part series for Streetsblog SF.


"Any person in a leadership position today has to be a hopeless optimist." Kenneth Baker interviews Jay Xu, director of the Asian Art Museum.


Do we live inside a wormhole's neck?


There is, indeed, a Dutch Cartman -- and a bit of NSFW salad-tossing. Amster-DAMN!


Perhaps the only reason to go to Coachella this weekend (pace, Specials fans) -- unalloyed zef-ness.


Take a deep breath. It's only hump day. You won't die.

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