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Finally, a true case of teabagging? Yes, Virginia, it IS possible to be the spokesperson for a new "right-wing TV network" while starring in "La Cage Aux Folles" on Broadway. Kelsey -- he is what he is.


"Since many San Franciscans seem to work on a freelance, contract, or they don't work basis they have plenty of time to spend posting pithy narratives about their experiences, or pictures of things in the Mission, or pictures of things outside of the Mission that they can write funny or nonsensical captions for. Often nonsensical things are the funniest or vice versa and San Franciscans have totally picked up on this." Does linking to this damn me as part of the punchline? I'm feeling a little meta right now. Please excuse me.

This NY Times article does a nice job discussing the increased visibility of LGBT comic fans, as well as LGBT characters in comics, when it's not fawning over the cosplay-themed sausage party where, "the muscle-cuddling garb often leaves little to the imagination." Of course nothing, neither gay nor super, could possibly ever surpass this:

Shocker: Pope's lawyer is actually ex-dirty hippy, Berkeley resident (maybe he and John Yoo should do a power lunch?)

San Francisco has a new art publication, titled in a no-nonsense fashion, The San Francisco Arts Quarterly. In addition to running a listings calendar, the Art Quarterly will also, according to the magazine's manifesto (because what is an art publication without a manifesto?), "direct a dialogue with a highlighted neighborhood in San Francisco, rotating to different areas of the city with every issue. Each edition will consist of interviews with individuals and collectives who are showing an interest in the advancement of the San Francisco arts community and thus helping to further stimulate the city's progressive nature." The inaugural issue, which can be viewed online or downloaded as a pdf file, focuses on up-and-coming arts district the Tenderloin (aka San Francisco's gritty, new tourist destination).

All I have to say to this is no shit, SFGate:



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