The Daily Blurgh: Is that an Archie in your pants, Banksy?

The jughead jokes write themselves ...

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Gay! Archie gets a gay (as opposed to "Archie is a gay," a fantasy you can live out through this NSFW-ish Choose-Your-Own Adventure wiki). Lesbian lawyers defend "not gay enough" softball players. Texas doesn't want to let gays divorce. And Jet Blue goes pink.


He's not here: Banksy tags SF.


"People are terrified of drugs. Drugs are linked to inner cities and crime - not mystical states. But with diligent and serious science, we can learn about all the wonderful ways that these compounds can help a stressed and troubled species." Dropping therapeutic acid in San Jose.


Have you parked your keester in one of the city's "parklets" yet? It's lovely outside right now. Go! Editor's recommendation: Totally hot biker parklet action at Mojo.


If that constant hacking cough wasn't enough of a warning about air pollution, you can always rely on your phone to tell you.


"It refers to the sex act conducted in front of the Eucharist involving myself, as the role of Adam, and a female follower, who plays the role of Eve by her own free will. The Lord does not wish for anybody else to engage in this ritual. I was inspired to perform this ritual because I believed that there was no other way to prove Mr. Little Pebble’s innocence and the wrongful convictions of sexual assault made against him. Just a few days ago, God sent me a message saying that the woman who sued Mr. Little Pebble will confess that it was all a lie." And there's a whole lot more WTF where that came from.


SFFD disaster drill mannequins: now more "P.C." thanks to pants.


Heads up: Remembering Playland, the full length documentary that tells the history of San Francisco’s famous 10-acre seaside amusement park, Playland at the Beach, starts a week-long run at the Balboa Theater tomorrow night.

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