The Daily Blurgh: Are brown people still legal on YouTube?

A plague of backpacks threatens the Toronto subway?

Curiosities, quirks, oddites, and items from around the Bay and beyond

Sarcasm fail at Canada's National Post?


When a Furry marries a Juggalo you get


It's a bird! It’s a plane! It's Banksy (Again. And this time, it's apparently legit)


Hey, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer: Fuck you very much.


One of this week's Guardian cover stars, Peaches Christ, dishes (as her boy alter-ego, Joshua Grannell) about his new film, All About Evil, and why the Victoria Theater is San Francisco's unsung movie palace.


M.I.A ghost rides Suicide


This is Spinal Tape!


In honor of the Internet's great black hole (aka YouTube) turning five, here is that compilation of the site's 100 greatest hits crammed into just 4 minutes from last year (so, pardon the missing memes).

If you don't feel like sitting through four minutes -- or forever times infinity squared in Internet years -- of wrap-up, here's really what YouTube has meant in the past half-decade:

(It has been viewed 268,000 268,0001 times)

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