The Daily Blurgh: Terrorists get Triscuits, fascists get beans, gingers get MIA

Ich bean ein Berliner?

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Today in refried beans: from ingredient of burrito indulgence, to bane of the greenhouse, to weapon of protest. Even Dennis Herrera is (rightfully) pissed. Arizona goddam!


In "Calfornia lawmakers with no grip on reality" news: this again? When will you learn, Maude Flanders of Sacramento? Whatever kids won't be able to glean from Left 4 Dead 2 because of your "good intentions," they can easily pick up in any one of the Saw films (or the evening news). What you gonna do when the zombies come, anyway?


Debate: If a street artist who has already sold out (but is hip to that fact, so "selling out" becomes a meta-commentary on selling out), goes shopping for pricey, "heritage" jeans spun from the souls of kodama on looms built from the remnants of the true cross, is he still a sell out?


"It doesn't matter what your favorite crackers or cookies are. They are not more important than the hegemonic wars the West is fighting against Islam."


"Walter Benjamin, or rather, the now-beloved figure of Benjamin -- shuffling, myopic, mustachioed, fat, unhealthy, small round glasses glinting like flashlights -- was largely unattractive in his own lifetime." I smell an Oscar-in-waiting for Richard Dreyfuss.


98 years ago: man in drunk-tank saved from fiery death by boozy ways, Providence.


Yes, but what, exactly, is she getting political about? (Besides swiping that riff from Suicide -- sampling kills!) NSFW, unless W is Xe.

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