Live Shots: Dance Mob Kick-Off for Bay Area National Dance Week, Union Square, 4/23/10


Don't be alarmed if you happen to feel the floors shaking throughout the next week. It's not an earthquake, it's the Bay Area National Dance Week , an amazing event offering tons of free dance through May 2nd.

As a kick-off to celebrate a week of booty-shaking and funky foot moves, several hundred dancers gathered in Union Square this Friday to perform one dance in unison, which they incorporated into pieces that each group choreographed on their own:

The variety of dance styles ranged from hip-hop and belly dancing, to square dancing and even a few free-flowin' dancers who joined in from the audience. There were 19 groups involved in the dance mob, which included high school students from all over the Bay Area, and several dance companies. If you're new to dance, but fascinated by flamenco, or a long time dancer who wants to brush up on her salsa turns, this is the week for you. And even if you don't want to physically join in the fun, there are lots of performances to take a peek at. So, get those dancing shoes on and shake things up a bit!