The Daily Blurgh: Staples city

Watch your fingers

Curiosities, quirks, oddites, and items from around the Bay and beyond

Shocker! San Francisco-based company set to profit off of humans willing to pay for amorous companionship.


I Live Here: SF to live at SomARTS this fall.


Google Maps gets you where you want to go (without going through Arizona).


The gist: Breaking down the five, big legal questions in the iPhone case


Which staple city would you rather live in: Ephemicropolis

or The Big Apple?


I'll see your KFC Double Down and raise you a cheesecake-stuffed pancake. (Offer very valid in Qatar.)


But even if you're only scarfing down the sprouted wheat bread, you're still gonna die.


Once-local, now big-in-France melancholy chanteuse Emily Jane White gets some love from NPR for her new album Victorian America.


And speaking of sadness: "It is such a secret place, the land of tears."  -- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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