The Daily Blurgh: Duck and cover, Radiation Baby


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Oakland residents may be able to Party, Karamu, Fiesta, forever starting this summer.


Don't know what to cook for dinner tonight? Why not check out this fucking website?


Recipes for Terrible Behavior:

5. jerks + alcohol

4. desire for thing - ability to get thing

3. humans ÷ love

2. (untrammeled state power + megalomania) x perceived internal threat

1. guitar-store dudes + sales commissions"


Among the many creepy details concerning the case of Janis Thompson, a 44-year-old Martinez resident who has been arrested "for lewd and lascivious contact with minors and sexual exploitation of a child," the fact that she contacted her victims through an Xbox 360 live gaming console is by the creepiest.


Do you think Paxton Gate will host a traveling version of this rad exhibit of "organic art"?


Scopitone Week continues! Click here to learn more about Scopitones. Today, we are graced by one-hit-wonder George McKelvey, who sings his satiric 1964 song "My Teenage Fallout Queen" in an outfit that would've made Sonny Bono proud.

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