The Daily Blurgh: MUNI Party! (And punk-rock sad)


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"Scientists have discovered one of the smallest free-living life forms ever, with a genome that looks like a pamphlet compared to a human's encyclopedia, living in a poison-soaked mine in Northern California." Uh oh. Hasn't anyone remembered the lessons of The Boogens? There will be blood.


Brother can you spare a dime (or a couple thousand) for legendary punk club 924 Gilman?


Deport New Jersey? (OMFG this Congressional candidate from Florida is for real)


"Among the many contradictions and ironies of Mexican-U.S. relations is the curious case of Cinco de Mayo. It is a holiday in Mexico, yes, but not nearly as important to the national identity as say, Independence Day (Sept. 16). Yet Cinco de Mayo remains a stubbornly prevalent excuse to party in the U.S., perhaps, some argue, because it is more culturally "safe" than honoring Mexico's independence. The phenomenon is similar to the affection Americans have for St. Patrick's Day, where just about everyone is invited to don green and get in touch with their inner Irish." Still, it's as good an excuse as any to repost this bad-ass trailer-for-a-movie-inspired-by-a-trailer-for-a-movie-that-never-existed.


MUNI, give this driver who threw a party for her unsuspecting passengers, simply out of the kindness of her heart, a raise because a) she is awesome and b) this is the sort of press you should be getting on a more regular basis.


The other Guardian handicaps this year's Turner Prize shortlist.


Scopitone Week continues! Click here to learn more about Scopitones. Today we begin our focus on the true stars of Scopitones: the ladies. Today's chanteuse is Kay Starr, who sings her 1952 hit "Wheel of Fortune" in this Scopitone from the early to mid '60s. Even though this mature diva takes center stage, she has some fierce competition from all the scantily-clad back-up dancers attached to roulette wheels:


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