Thanks, Go Girl! Ladies love super citimax!

If only my girlfriends helped me lose weight like this!

I went to Gamin’s (1335 18th St., SF), seeking a veggie burger and fries to pierce my Seis de Mayo nausea fog -- I hardly expected to find a beauty cure. Yet there it was in the refrigerator case. And it was just for me! Behold, the energy drink… for the ladies.

Yes, it’s Go Girl energy drink, available in Go Girl Bliss (yerba mate and peach tea), Go Girl Glo (aloe vera), and Go Girl Sugar Free (uh, sucralose). They max out at 35 calories, are high in taurine and “super citrimax” -- and what’s this? The can tells me it’s “good for healthy skin!" Score!

Finally, an energy drink that women can drink. See, other energy drinks just made me feel all manly, and stuff. Like Sparks -- who wants to have to carry around their energy drink in a paper bag? And Red Bull. C’mon, bull? It, like, doesn’t get much less dainty than that.

But I have no worries with Go Girl, no testosterone-y mid afternoon pickups for me! I tried the aloe vera one because it’s “refreshing combination of pomegranate and star fruit” sounded like just the ticket out of booze-ache land, but I’m definitely aiming to go back for Go Girl Sugar Free because a. the can is pink, and b. it’s got an extra bump of appetite suppressant in it -- your friend and mine, super citrimax!

Of course, now I’m on their website and they raise money for breast and ovarian cancer, and I feel like a total dick for writing this. But whatever! Energy and appetite suppressant, just for the ladies! Wait, their website says guys can drink it too. I feel had. But in a peppy, not hungry kind of way.

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