Draw hot ladies on cycles at Dr. Sketchy's


Get out your crayons, pencils, pens and chalk and pretend like you know how to draw for Dr. Sketchy's 2nd annual Cute Girls on Bicycles tonight (5/11). Three lovely SF bike ladies will pose on their favorite pair of wheels while the crowd is free to oogle and sketch for 20 minute intervals. Sweeeeet!

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School is a monthly gig that allows anyone to join in on a night of drinking and drawing. This month's theme coincides with Bike To Work Day-- Thurs/13-- and along with the lovely ladies, the stage will feature four hot rides for participants to express their artistic skills, including a sassy orange mixte from PUBLIC bikes

The lovely models include bike blogger, Meli Burgueno of BikesAndTheCity, Pelican builder Constance Cavallas and Amanda Lanker, leader of the Pushbike Ladies Ride. No they won't be naked, you dirty fools, but they may sport a sexy helmet, grip gloves, blinkies and a messenger bag, all great objects to test your creative mind. Don't worry if you're not an A+ art student, this event is for sketchers of all abilities-- sexy stick figures on bikes are welcome, too.



Check out this Chick and Bikes blog for some pre-Sketchy's inspiration...www.chicksandbikes.blogspot.com/


Dr. Sketchy's Cute Girls on Bicycles

Tues/11, 7-10pm, $10

111 Minna Gallery

111 Minna, SF


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