The Daily Blurgh: What shall we do with a Russian sailor?


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Greasy Russian sailors, unearthed ships, and shanghaied coppers: Chris Carlsson sails through tales of maritime transit from SF's past.


Today in sad local business news: Berkeley's Reel Video to close. People love Ike's too much. Facebook (hey, don't they count as local?) navel-gazes about its growing unpopularity.


Oh, honey don't forget to stop in at Walgreens on your way home and pick up some shampoo, trash bags, and a DNA test.


"There is a cynicism to this project that suggests that the producers did not feel much need to do it very well just because they have some terrific character actors in all the leading roles (save maybe for Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer), and even in some minor ones (Samuel L. Jackson, Jr., mails in his one scene as Nick Fury, making me wish they’d gotten Laurence Fishburne). Just fill it out with special effects & heavy metal music & take it to the bank. Getting the director of Elf to helm the project is just one index of how Marvel cut costs wherever it was felt they weren’t necessary. Like direction." Poet Ron Silliman reviews Iron Man 2.


People who say, "bleachedcarbsdairyanythingtoxinfilledeverything makes me feel ill," please stop hyperventilating. You aren't actually allergic.


Honor the late, great fantasy painter Frank Frazetta by raising a horn of mead tomorrow at Mission Comics & Art's "Memorial Drink and Draw."

Wake up Gary!

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