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An ode to the creepy child mannequins of Siegel's Fashions for Men and Boys on Mission.



"There is nothing postmodern about the electric chair. It takes a living human being and turns him into a piece of meat. Imagine you – you the young journalists of tomorrow – being strapped into an electric chair for a crime you didn’t commit. Would you take comfort from a witness telling you that it really doesn’t make any difference whether you are guilty or innocent? That there is no truth? 'I think you're guilty; you think you’re innocent. Can’t we work it all out?'"


Haight-dwellers, meet SOPA.


Today, in you can't make this stuff up: "In 1997, a Mexican woman who was living in Cuernavaca looked at the cover of the magazine Contenido—a Reader’s Digest-y sort of publication—and saw on it the face of her common-law husband. She had been his partner for 21 years and borne him two children, and she knew him as a private detective or 'CIA agent' who, for understandable work-related reasons, put in only occasional appearances at home. Now she learned that he was a priest and and that his real name was Marcial Maciel. He was, the magazine said, the head of an order whose strictness and extreme conservatism appeared to hide some vile secrets: the article, picking up information first brought to light in an article by Jason Berry in the Hartford Courant, revealed that nine men, one a founder of the Legionaries, another still an active member, and the rest all former members of the order, had informed their superiors in Rome that Maciel had abused them sexually when they were pubescent seminarians under his care."


This sentence cannot be found guilty of the linguistic sin of mytacism.


Oh yeah. That lumbering mass of drunk people in funny outfits happened Sunday. Brittney Gilbert rounds up web coverage.


"You're gonna get all krauty"

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