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Local, totally awesome new media experiment 48 H -- a print magazine produced, as its title suggests, in just two days using online social networking and publishing resources -- was sent a cease and desist letter by old media dinosaur CBS, which owns the television news magazine 48 Hours. Come on folks. We're all journalists here. Can't we all just get along?

The only dating formula you need.

It's hard out there for small to medium-sized museums (especially local ones).


"[...] Let me start by telling you what it is that sounds 'straight.' Straight  actually turns out to be the perfect word to describe what straight guys do. It's very straight—it has no curlicues, it has no frills or any kind of melodic turns. So they say, 'Hi. How are you?' It's simple, and the lines are very straight, instead of 'Hi, how are yOOuu?' You know, women are much more melodic—their voices go up and they go down, and they even move their mouths more. There's a lot more animation. A straight guy just goes, 'Hey—this is as much energy and animation as I'm putting out for this thing.'"


Supernovae: They do a body good?

Awkward! (Especially considering that tonight was the State Dinner honoring Mexico.)


Congratulations! Two giant gay metallic penises are your new Olympic mascots, Great Britain.

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