A close-up view of Boot & Shoe


The pies that fly out of the oven at Oakland's Boot and Shoe Service make other dough-marinara-cheese combinations look flat and lame. Crispy, brick oven-fired crust, organic toppings and loads of flavor are partly responsible for the prized pizza goodness, but it's also the layers of love baked into every bite.

As I wrote in this week's article on the restaurant, "Hot Slice: Oakland's Boot and Shoe Service Wants to Love the Shit Out of You", owner Charlie Hallowell is all about filling people' stomachs with good stuff while simultaneously allowing them to relax, be served and drink accordingly.

I peeked around the joint shortly before they opened for dinner last week and snapped some photos. Sweet local art adorned all walls, baskets of fresh ingredients sat patiently, waiting to fulfill their duty and the staff buzzed with preparations.

Feeling in the mood? Get there early to avoid the wait, order it all and get a little love for yourself.



3308 Grand Ave., Oakl.

(510) 763 2668


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