The Daily Blurgh: No monkey business from Hollywood


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Boooo! SF-set Planet Of The Apes prequel probably won't be shot in SF.

Sea lion thinks it's people!


See San Francisco in glorious color, thanks to the wonderful online archive of Charles W. Cushman's Kodachrome slides of the city, shot between 1938 and 1969 (Caliber SF via Eye on Blogs).

The origins of Mission Carnaval.

Things women in the news have done recently: impersonated an FBI supervisor, smuggled meth inside a bible, and hid in a coffin to escape custody.

takes a tour of the architectural marvel that is the Neptune Society's Columbarium.


In honor of the upcoming Harvey Milk Day, here's a clip of Harvey schooling local, former News Talk host Juana on religious hypocrisy and the Briggs Initiative with plenty of passion and charm:

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