The Daily Blurgh: Nasty surf, follicle fetishism


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Could it have been the public urination? ING pulls out as Bay to Breakers sponsor.
Better wear a wetsuit (and then some). Santa Cruz's Cowell Beach voted second worst California beach in terms of water quality.

No more DJs at the Attic?
"The Olive Centipede was created by Dr. Heiner, a disturbed German bartender formerly famous for his flair garnishing techniques. The evil Dr. Heiner decided to create a garnish centipede, made from sewing three olives together along the olives' digestive tracts, pit-to-pimento."
A blogger dares to ask, "Why is Chinese food in San Francisco so disappointing?" (thanks Eye on Blogs)
Maybe this creepy fetishist dude could donate his collection of tufts to the efforts to sop up the BP oil using matted hair. Or not.


Comet dives into the Sun. Cue the Soundgarden:

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