The Daily Blurgh: Gaydar, crafting-as-protest


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Gaydar may actually exist.

Who do you wanna see at Outside Lands this year? Lord, please let Janelle Monae and Al Green do a duet.

Berkeley does indeed have a Tea Party: "Rogue knitters encamped along the Berkeley-Oakland border with lawn chairs, tea cakes and knitting projects to protest the city of Berkeley's order that they remove an 8-foot knitted tea cozy they sewed over the T in a public sculpture they believe insults Oakland."

I'm all for going green and buying local but when you describe your business as, “[a] hipster green lifestyle market… celebrating all things cool about being a green localist,” my head can't but help hit my desk. Go easy on the buzz-speak people.


Deadly trips at Cow Palace rave.


RIP Louise Bourgeois. If you haven't checked out "Mother and Child," an exhibit of Bourgeois' recent, maternally-fixated work currently hanging at Gallery Paule Anglim, please do so. There's also the arachnid pile-up The Nest in SFMOMA's sculpture garden and Crouching Spider at Pier 14. Peter Orlovsky, poet and longtime companion to Allen Ginsberg, and iconic actor Dennis Hopper also left this plane over the weekend.

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