The Daily Blurgh: Sex spray, tasty jerky


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Local art thief nabbed, ID-ed.


New spray could help the 'one minute men' in your life (and it's not Axe).


Looking for a new stereo receiver? Wanna swap that old guitar? Need maracas? The Mission's Music Flea Market is back this Saturday.


"Once upon a time, he was a local celebrity. He earned his nickname after doing a tv commercial for a Round Table pizza named The Big Vinny. For over twenty years, he was the face and voice of a successful used car business in small town Alameda. He sold and he sold and he sold and Californians drove away happy. Today, everything has changed. The business is dead. The lots sit empty. Big Vinny is out of work. But he still remembers the good times."


Raising children is expensive. Parents, take a tip from Babies and swap out those pre-K math tutoring sessions for a bleached bone.


Hello? Silent Spring, anyone? "The California Department of Pesticide Regulation has proposed registering methyl iodide as a pesticide in California to the dismay of scientists and environmental groups, who say it is so toxic that even chemists are reluctant to handle it."


Local, sustainable, leather-like: Is jerky poised to become the next SF food micro-trend?


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