The Daily Blurgh: Viral kittens, punking BP


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Asshole: "I'd do it again"


Another asshole: "A man driving a crossover sport utility vehicle hit four bicyclists in the Mission District and Potrero Hill neighborhoods in a six-minute rampage Wednesday night before crashing the vehicle and running away, San Francisco police said."


Agitprop: An annotated guide to images from the anti-BP movement.


Science: All your kittehs belong to the alien virus that makes cats (and the people who love them) do craaaazy things!


Snark: "20 Young Writers Earn the Envy of Many Others"


Fashion: Handbags, now with less lead.


Environment: BYOB (as in non-single-use bag, not beer) is now California law.


Bummers: RIP Rue McClanahan. Thank you for being a friend (to all the cats):

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