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Assholes: Hit-and-run driver arrested!


Science: Stanford whiz kids develop buggy-like electric car; resemble Beverly Hillbillies.


Art: Alvin Lucier's "I Am Sitting in a Room" updated for YouTube.


Economics: Happiness is 60k a year?


Enviornment: Global warming projected to continue fucking up Nor Cal coasts.


Ideas: "PROP E-2: For the LAST FUCKING TIME, it is STAND RIGHT, WALK LEFT on the fucking escalator. First offense results in being thrown down the escalator. Second offense is death. If the offender isn't dead already from being thrown down the escalator the first time. This includes you, grandma, so heads up and look alive. If you're too grizzled to hoof it up to 24th Street, stand on the fucking right side. Seriously people."


Tech: Spoiler alert! Apple to unveil latest iPhone on Monday.



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